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  • 02/25/2010 -- The 9th Directive is now available in print-on-demand from Amazon and Amazon UK. This edition contains the previously unpublished essay, "Life Like Quiller," by Elleston Trevor's son, Jean-Pierre Trevor. (Published by Top Notch Thrillers, an imprint of Ostara Publishing.)

Used Quiller Books

      Advanced Book Exchange: Search for hard-to-find Quiller novels using the world's largest network of independent booksellers.
      Bibliofind: Notable in its affiliation with
      Alibris: Another booksearch web site.
      eBay: Conduct frequent searches of this popular auction site and you just might stumble across a rare copy of Quiller Balalaika.

Quiller Audiobooks

      Audiobooks.Com: Another site for purchasing the Quiller audiobooks.


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