The Quiller Memorandum Movie

The Quiller Memorandum Movie
US video

The Quiller Memorandum Movie
UK video

The Quiller Memorandum Movie
UK video
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An international cast starring George Segal, Alec Guinness, Max Von Sydow and Senta Berger spark this screen version of Adam Hall's bestselling novel. Quiller (Segal) is an American agent assigned to Berlin who's working with the British to ferret out a treacherous neo-Nazi gang. The last two men given this job have already been killed and Quiller soon realizes he can't trust anyone -- not even the people on his own side. Alone, he must find his way through a maze of danger and death that includes Inge (Berger), a beautiful but mysterious teacher, Pol (Guinness), the severe Englishman calling the shots, and Oktobor (Von Sydow), a scheming German aristocrat. One mistake, and this will be Quiller's last mission. With a well-paced script by Harold Pinter, top performances from the entire cast, and magnificent location photography, THE QUILLER MEMORANDUM is a tense tale of double-dealing and deceit that's first rate entertainment.
1966-Color-103 Minutes

Copyright: 1987, CBS/FOX Company
Video: Key Video / a Divsion of CBS/FOX Video
Starring: George Segal, Alec Guinness, Max Von Sydow & Senta Berger
Guest Stars: George Sanders & Robert Helpmann
Produced: Ivan Foxwell
Directed: Michael Anderson
Screenplay: Harold Pinter
Music: John Barry

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