The 9th Directive

The 9th Directive

Jacket description...
"They are specialist and each has his own method.
Sorbi is a strangler but never uses his hands...
Quicky the Greek uses the knife...
Vincent works wild. The Japanese, Hideo, is a technician. Zotta's specialty is the miniature bomb.
Kuo uses the gun."

The place is Bangkok. A Very Important Royal Person is on his way for a state visit. Somewhere in the teeming city an assassin waits for him.
     Only one person can track him down: Quiller--cynical, a loner, a man whose file bears the 9-suffix, Reliable Under Torture, a wolf set down to track wolves.

How it starts...

Chapter 1 - The Bloodstone

The place was halfway along Soi Suek 3 and I walked there from the main road where the trishaw had dropped me. It was a narrow street of shop-houses, roofed at this moment by the twilight.
     There was no one in the gem shop except the small old Thai at the workbench behind the counter; he did not hear me come in because of the noise of the gem tumbler that churned at the back of the shop. There was no air conditioner and the heat was as bad as in the street. From the room above came the weird notes of a pinai.

  The 9th Directive press release.

Hardback: 1st US Printing
Dedication: To Peggy and Big Harvey
Copyright: 1966, Adam Hall
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Jacket design: Paul Bacon
ISBN: None given

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