Quiller Balalaika

Quiller Balalaika

Jacket description...

In the chill shadows of a Moscow church, Bureau executive Quiller is briefed for his new mission. 'There isn't anyone else capable,' says Croder, Chief of Signals. No one else capable of infiltrating the Russian mafiya and locating a British national who leads the most powerful of its many lawless factions. Of confronting a man whose criminal genius is bent on scuppering the efforts of Western governments to raise the sinking ship of the Russian economy and prevent a terrifying lurch to the political right. So Quiller takes Balalaika, a mission deemed suicidal even to Croder, one that will pit him against the most evil man in Russia
     More vicious than the Sicilian brotherhood and more powerful than the dons of New York, the mafiya is omnipotent in post-Soviet Russia. One way or another, by bribery or naked coercion, it aims to destroy all those who stand in its way -- police officers, judges, bankers, ministers of state -- anyone who dares to oppose its ruthless organisation. Even Quiller thinks twice about moving unarmed and unprotected into its deadly labyrinth. But now he has no choice.
     Balalaika, the nineteenth and final Quiller mission, is his most dangerous yet...

How it starts...

Chapter 1 - Snow

As the TU-154 bounced and floated and bounced again I wiped the mist off the window with the back of my hand and the flashing lights out there became brighter, and I could see a white carpet of fire-foam with yellow-caped figures wading through it.
     The smell of garlic came suddenly on the air as Ivan leaned across me to take a look. Ivan had been my fellow-passenger all the way from Paris and I knew the names and ages of his six grandchildren but still wasn't sure what had happened to Rudi, the third-from-youngest: Ivan had been reticent on the details, and all I know about little Rudi was that he had 'been an an angel' and that hundreds had sobbed when they lowered the casket into the ground, hundreds.

Hardback: 1st UK Edition
Dedication: None
Copyright: 1996, Trevor Productions, Inc.
Afterword copyright: 1996, Jean-Pierre Trevor
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing
Jacket illustration: David Bull
ISBN: 0-7472-1355-0

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