Quiller Barracuda

Quiller Barracuda

Jacket description...

He's back. The Bureau's top agent, first introduced in The Quiller Memorandum, has been assigned another mission. A seasoned shadow executive, Quiller knows how to break rules, how to get the job done, and survive against killing odds.

Down at the Miami waterfront, a stable Bureau agent has gone rogue. Quiller is sent on what was thought to be an errand, but it turns out to be much more. And as he scours the white beaches and cool waters of the Caribbean he's is faced with something beyond his experience--an invisible conspiracy of unimaginable evil.

Adam Hall presents Quiller Barracuda, a startling new episode in the renowned Quiller series. This is an action-packed novel of relentlessly tightening suspense: a mission the status of which is Classification One, signifying global importance, with nothing less than the future of the White House at stake.

How it starts...

Chapter 1 - Hush

"Then they started to—" Fisher began.
     We waited.
     He sat there like a schoolboy, legs together, head down.
     I should have said no, I was busy or something. This wasn't my field.
     It was very quiet. Tilson wasn't looking at me while we waited; he was looking at the ceiling, angled back on the chair with his thumbs hooked into his pockets. He didn't want to—
     "Why the hell should I tell you?"
     In a muted scream and we jerked our heads to look at Fisher and I said, "You don't have to. We didn't—"

  Quiller Barracuda press release.

Hardback: 1st US Edition
Dedication: To CHAILLE with love
Copyright: 1990, Trevor Productions, Inc.
Publisher: William Morrow & Company, Inc.
Jacket design: Mike Stromberg
ISBN: 0-688-08784-1

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