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     In the quarter-century since his introduction, the eponymous hero of Adam Hall's Edgar-winning The Quiller Memorandum has proven as unique and enduring as James Bond or George Smiley. High-tension thrillers like The Tango Briefing and Quiller's Run have been translated into eighteen languages and earned his creator, internationally known for The Flight of the Phoenix and other novels written under his real name of Elleston Trevor, a critical reputation succinctly expressed by The New York Times: "Nobody writes better espionage than Adam Hall."
     QUILLER BARRACUDA (to be published by William Morrow on May 18, 1990) is the triumphant return to hardcover for this laconic and infinitely resourceful British "shadow executive" known only by his codename. In a new assignment, Quiller agrees to check up on his colleague, George Proctor, a sleeper who has been sending in funny signals from the sun-drenched, drug-infested streets of Miami. Something is appallingly wrong with his old friend, for while the man he meets in Miami us (sic) undeniably George Proctor, he is also, somehow...not Proctor.
     Contrary to Bureau policy, Proctor has become "politically inclined," and regales Quiller with a speech lauding presidential candidate Senator Mathieson Judd. Reporting to his director in the field for debriefing, Quiller abruptly begins to repeat Proctor's speech word for word. The terrible realization that the enemy has gotten right into his mind causes Quiller to panic--because there could be other instructions still inside his head, like a worm in an apple.
     With the election only ten days away, the mission codenamed Barracuda is given rare Classification One status; then Proctor, and with him his sole access to Barracuda, suddenly vanishes. Quiller's search for a new lead places him in contact with two of Proctor's ex-flames: powerful TV anchorwoman Erica Cambridge and Kim Harvester, a woman obsessed with revenge on the shark that killed her father. In short order Quiller is dodging bullets, drug runners, and Mafia hit men as the whole town becomes a permanent red sector.
     Combining stakes so high they affect the entire world order and a stunning climax in the shark-infested waters off Miami, QUILLER BARRACUDA is a terrifying mind-control thriller that rivals The Manchurian Candidate in its intensity. Filled with Hall's trademark spine-tingling suspense and explosive action, this is an espionage tour-de-force worthy of the writer whom Life magazine called "the most successful literary double agent in the business."

About the Author:
Known for major novels such as The Flight of the Phoenix under his real name, Elleston Trevor, Adam Hall has been named "the most successful literary double agent in the business" by Life magazine. He claimed the prestigious Edgar Award for The Quiller Memorandum, the debut novel in the Quiller series, which was made into a major motion picture starring Alec Guinness and George Segal. His fourteen Quillers and his other books have been translated into nineteen languages. A British citizen, he spent fifteen years living on the French Riviera, and now makes his home in the Arizona Desert.

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