The Berlin Memorandum
(Title changed to The Quiller Memorandum)

The Berlin Memorandum

Jacket description...

Quiller said: 'I want all cover called off. I want a clear field from midnight. I'm going in alone.'

The Berlin Memorandum is the record of a mission undertaken at the risk of almost inevitable death by one man working alone against Phönix, a resurgent Nazi organisation with its secret headquarters in Berlin. Quiller's main objective is the elimination of Heinrich Zossen, the grey eminence whom he last met twenty years ago at the edge of an execution pit.
     Quiller is an enigma. His dossier, read to him by Oktober, the arch-interrogator, leaves much unsaid:
     'You are a known authority on memory, sleep-mechanism, the personality patterns of suicide, fast-driving techniques and ballistics. In the war you attempted to sabotage the Final Solution, "rescuing" Jews. You failed. Refusing awards offered by certain governments after the war, you admitted your failure. We know about you....'
     This is an espionage novel of a new kind. Adam Hall is a master of chilling psychology, and brings authority to his clinical portrayal of move and counter-move, of flight and murder in the Berlin streets, and of the secret war waged in loneliness between les espions.

How it starts...

Chapter 1 - Pol

A couple of air-hostesses came in through the glass doors, crisp and pure-looking in Lufthansa uniform. They looked once at the group of pilots who stood at the soft-drinks bar and then swung on their spiked heels to preen themselves in the mirrors. The pilots turned to watch them, all of them tall, all of them blond. Nobody spoke. Another girl came in and touched her reflected hair before she turned away and studied her shiny fingertips at armslength, glancing up just once at the tall blond men, looking down again with her head tilted, admiring her spread fingers as if they were flowers.

Awards for The Quiller Memorandum
  • Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Novel, 1966
  • Grand Prix de Littérature Policière

Hardback: 1st UK Edition
Dedication: For Robert Aldrich who made a Phoenix fly
Copyright: 1965, Jonquil Trevor
Publisher: Collins
ISBN: None given

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