Quiller KGB

Jacket description...
'Do you remember Yasolev? Victor Yasolev?'
'Yes,' I said.
'It's our hope that you might agree to work with him.' He was watching me carefully. In a moment I asked him:
'When did he defect?'
'He didn't. He's still with the KGB.'

From this moment until the explosive climax to Quiller's mission in liaison with the KGB, he runs Quickstep through the hazardous streets of East Berlin, where life is dominated by the massive presence of the Wall. Hounded by the opposition, he carries with him the burden of appalling doubts — that he cannot trust the most ruthless intelligence organisation in the world to let him run free, nor trust his own people in London not to set him up as a target in the name of political expediency.

Sitting in my sweat, hunched over the table with my hands around a cup of tea for comfort, torn this way, torn that, a solitary spook goaded by ambition and hooked on the barbs of conscience — and frightened... oh my God if you only knew how frightened...

This is Quickstep, the shadow executive's twelfth mission for the Bureau, its true impetus his need to rationalise once again his unceasing search for the dark and unholy grail that obsesses him — a kiss from death.

How it starts...

Chapter 1 - Berlin

My arm was getting numb but I didn't move. I wanted her to go on sleeping as long as she could, dreaming of God knew what. The worst wasn't over yet, I knew that.
     The next time she woke up she began shaking all over and I held her more tightly, telling her it was all right, though of course it wasn't. Then the sobbing came and she tried to stop it, burying her face against me while her whole body shook and the tears began falling into my hands.
     "Let it come," I said, "don't hold it in."
     It helped, I think; she was making more noise now. A stewardess came over with a box of Kleenex and I pulled out a handful.

Hardback: 1st UK Edition
Dedication: To ROLF and RAYMA
Copyright: 1989, Trevor Productions
Publisher: W H Allen
ISBN: 0-491-03047-9

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