The Mandarin Cypher

The Mandarin Cypher

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Quiller, the cool, super-efficient agent from London's top-secret Bureau, had been sent to Hong Kong on a "routine investigation"--a little something to pass the time until his next real mission came up. It was all very convenient.
     Except that there was no "routine investigation" in Hong Kong, and his real mission--known only by its code name "Mandarin"--had been running even before his plane left England. It was a case of unusual secrecy--even from the Bureau. And by the time Quiller figured out what London was up to, there were already one or two people in Hong Kong who seemed to want him dead....
     Adam Hall is back with another first-rate thriller--an expert novel of espionage and adventure, with jackknifing turns of plot and unrelenting suspense. Quiller has been thrown into a complex, sensitive mission of the deadliest sort, involving agents of the People's Republic of China, a beautiful but rather too mysterious young widow, and a heavily guarded oil rig in the South China Sea. How they all fit together was anyone's guess. Too many wrong guesses and Quiller was a dead man.

How it starts...

Chapter 1 - Mandarin

It was three in the morning when she phoned me and I went straight round there through the pelting rain and found North slumped in a chair looking like death.
     "What happened?"
     He didn't answer. I don't think he heard.
     Connie said: "Thank God you're here," and got some brandy and put it into tumblers, shivering, only a thin dressing gown round her shoulders, hair all over the place and her big eyes frightened. The rain hit the windowsills in sharp taps, like someone typing.

Hardback: 1st US Edition
Dedication: For Joan and John Terry
Copyright: 1976, Trevor Enterprises, Inc.
Publisher: Doubleday & Company, Inc.
Jacket illustration: William Maughan
Jacket typography: Lewis Friedman
ISBN: 0-385-05107-7

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