Quiller Meridian

Quiller Meridian

Jacket description...

British agent Quiller aboard the Tran-Siberian Express

In Quiller's latest mission, operation Meridian takes him into the espionage trenches of the deadly post-Cold War era. From the chaos of Eastern Europe to the brutality of Siberia, Quiller's far-reaching assignment exposes the very real dangers of life even in the New World Order:

Rome: With Plans to escort the dark-eyed Valeria Lagorio to a performance of Carmen, Quiller receives a flash signal from London instructing him to fly immediately to Bucharest, where "some kind of hell has got loose" and London needs him to "get it back in its cage."

Bucharest: An agent lies in a dark freight yard, headless, victim of a blown rendezvous with the Russian, Zymyanin, who has vanished into the shadows. Quiller is ordered at once to Moscow in the hope of finding him -- alive.

Moscow: Sheltered and briefed by an Englishwoman from the ultra-secret Bureau, the British agent receives a signal that Zymyanin has booked out on the Siberian Express, destination Beijing. Quiller's orders are to follow him and make contact if he can. But he knows he could be moving straight into a death trap.

Novosibirsk: The Red Express lies wrecked in the Siberian snows following an explosion and Quiller sets out to track three Russian generals...and Tanya, a beautiful and mysterious Muscovite. Subject of a militia manhunt and dogged by a rogue agent in the field, Quiller survives to avert a disastrous bid for world power by a Russian-Chinese military consortium.

A vivid account of the power game in a Russia torn by civil war, Quiller Meridian deftly mirrors the grim realities in the aftermath of the Cold War.

How it starts...

Chapter 1 - Bucharest

They found me in Rome and the embassy phoned my hotel and I went along there and talked to London, and Signals said something had come unstuck in Bucharest and "Mr. Croder would be grateful" if I could get on a plane and see if I could pull anyone out alive. They hadn't actually put it like that—they'd said "if you could be of assistance in any way"—but when Mr. Croder can find it in his rat-infested soul to tell you he'd be grateful for something it can only mean that some kind of hell has got loose and he wants you to get it back in the cage.

Hardback: 1st US Edition
Dedication: To Master-Sergeant Dave Bagley (US Marines)
Copyright: 1993, Trevor Productions, Inc.
Publisher: William Morrow & Company, Inc.
Jacket design: One Plus One Studio
ISBN: 0-688-11797-X

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