(Released in the US as Quiller)

Northlight: A Quiller Mission

Jacket description...

Among the ice floes of the Barents Sea, in Soviet waters, there floats the body of a sailor, on his uniform the name of the ship that lies in the depths below him, her hull blown out and spewing debris. She is the nuclear submarine Cetacea of the US Navy.
     Within hours the diplomatic shock-waves have reached the White House and the Kremlin, and as the incident escalates to an East-West confrontation a secret agent is sent from London into the snows of northern Russia. He is Quiller, chosen by the ultra-clandestine Bureau to locate and bring across a key Soviet naval officer whose testimony can defuse the world crisis and avert disaster. Quiller, a lone wolf, has no illusions as to his chances of getting through. I dance to the tune of my own dark drummer, and I knew that this time I was taking my own death with me to the rendezvous...
     Challenged at every step by the KGB and finally betrayed by the devious needs of his own network, he moves through the half-light of the Russian winter to the objective of his mission, the deadliest he has ever undertaken.

How it starts...

Chapter 1 - Rain

At the intersection from Sloane into Knightsbridge I put on speed when the lights changed to amber but it was a mistake because the flashing began in the mirror right away and I pulled into the curb and waited with the engine still running. I'd known the police car was behind me since I'd come through Sloane Square but I didn't think they'd make a fuss about jumping the lights on a filthy night like this; there'd been a freezing rain coming down since late afternoon and the streets were black and silver now under the lamps, with reflections across the surface and the gutters beginning to stream.

Hardback: 1st UK Edition
Dedication: To Michalina
Copyright: 1985, Trevor Enterprises
Publisher: W. H. Allen & Co. PLC
Jacket illustration: Tony Masero
ISBN: 0-491-03501-2

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