The Scorpion Signal

The Scorpion Signal

Jacket description...

The Hunter: A British operative driven mad by KGB torture and determined to exact a spectacular revenge.

The Hunted: An enemy head of state whose assassination will provoke World War III.

The Man in the Middle: Quiller, the veteran intelligence agent dispatched to rescue an old ally, code name Schrenk, from the hands of the Russian secret police. But Schrenk has vanished after escaping from Moscow's dreaded Lubyanka prison. Is he on the run, or is he the bait for a deadly trap?

The ninth Quiller mission wrenches the exhausted spy from a much-needed leave and sends him behind the Iron Curtain to locate a man who may already be dead. The perilous pursuit drives inexorably toward a climax which finds him on the side of the Russians in a desperate attempt to stop his colleague before he can zero in on his target and trigger a world conflagration.

How it starts...

Chapter 1 - Shapiro

I turned again, wheeling into the wind with the edge of the cliff a hundred feet below me. The air feathered against my face, numbing it, and tears crept back from the corners of my eyes, drying on the skin. A pale sun was turning the sea into hammered gold, below on my right side, and the waves were rolling in ice-blue arcs, hanging poised for an instant before they shattered along the shore.

Hardback: 1st US Edition
Dedication: For Chris Holmes
Copyright: 1980, Trevor Enterprises
Publisher: Doubleday & Company, Inc.
Jacket illustration: Jean-Pierre Trevor
Jacket typography: Judith Turner
ISBN: 0-385-12277-2

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