The Sinkiang Executive

The Sinkiang Executive

Jacket description...

In the eighth Quiller suspense novel, the British agent finds himself once again playing a lone cool hand, and this time his superiors don't expect him to return alive--nor do they much care!
     Having rashly paid off an old personal debt by eliminating a Russian operative, Quiller learns that the price of his vengeance is extraordinarily high when he faces summary dismissal. But London will reconsider his "retirement" if he will take one more mission. He has no choice.
     The target: the frozen wasteland of the Sino-Soviet border. The key to the target: a captured Russian jet fighter. Only by an act of daring and with a lot of luck will Quiller even gain entry into Russian airspace...and no one has bothered to figure how Quiller will get out!

How it starts...

Chapter 1 - Katia

The winter rain had driven everyone off the streets and half London was down here in the underground trying to get home in the dry. My train was packed and we stood crushed together, swaying from the straps as the thing moaned through the curves. Flashes came now and then against the black windows as the contacts hit some dirt on the rail, making it look as if lightning had struck. We stood with the patience of cattle, our clothes steaming from the deluge that had drenched us up there in the streets.
     The man had got on at Knightsbridge. I was standing next to him now.

Hardback: 1st US Edition
Dedication: To Pat Murphy
Copyright: 1978, Trevor Enterprises
Publisher: Doubleday & Company, Inc.
Jacket illustration: William Maughan
Jacket typography: Douglas Bergstreser
ISBN: 0-385-12276-4

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