Quiller Solitaire

Quiller Solitaire

Jacket description...

Quiller has never been so desperately alone--or needed--in his career.

The Cause: When the body of the agent he was to protect turns up in the scorched wreck of an automobile, Quiller owes the man a death, and himself redemption

The Organization: Nemesis, a group of efficient and dedicated Euro-terrorist fanatics under the direction of a psychopathic leader possessed with a deadly intelligence. The unification of Germany and roundup of the Red Army Faction have only given them more room to roam.

The Capture: Under cover as an international arms dealer, Quiller infiltrates Nemesis...and makes a false move.

The Escape: So simple that Quiller suspects that his life has been spared deliberately.

The Airplane: As Quiller makes his final rendezvous with Nemesis, word comes that Pan Am Flight 905 has vanished from the radar screens.

The Crew: Two deeply religious and suicidal fanatics. And Quiller. Solitaire.

The Cargo: Twenty thousand pounds of explosives and forty cylinders of nerve gas.

The Destination: Who knows?

How it starts...

Chapter 1 - Hit

I dropped the bundle onto the desk and pulled the string and opened up the crumpled newspaper and Tilney stood looking down at the stuff I'd brought in, the two blackened number plates, wristwatch, bunch of keys, ring, metal cigarette lighter, the upper jawbone, the lower one, while the reek of burning flesh began filling the little room, sickening me, sickening him to, I would imagine, Tilney, looking down at the stuff and then bringing his head up.
     "That's all?"
     "That's all."
     "What does he look like?"

  Quiller Solitaire press release.

Hardback: 1st US Edition
Dedication: For Dale and Sally
Copyright: 1992, Trevor Productions
Publisher: William Morrow & Company, Inc.
Jacket design: One Plus One Studio
Jacket illustration: Steven Stroud
ISBN: 0-688-10730-3

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