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Press Release

     With more than forty titles translated into nineteen languages to his credit, Adam Hall has earned his reputation for writing the kind of sophisticated thrillers that prompted The Times of London to call his work "pure entertainment espionage at its best."
     Now he offers QUILLER SOLITAIRE (William Morrow; $20.00; April 16, 1992), the latest thriller in a series that spotlights the international espionage adventures of Quiller, a London Bureau shadow executive. Taut and fast-paced, it is the sixteenth Quiller novel by Adam Hall (a pseudonym of Elleston Trevor) who Life magazine called "the most successful literary double agent in the business."
     Agent Quiller's official assignment is to infiltrate the Red Army Faction in Berlin and disarm a terrorist bomb threat. But the solo mission, code-named "Solitaire," is fueled by personal motives that are primitive, brutal and urgent. Can Quiller keep his emotions in check while he settles a score--or will the enemy within turn this into a suicide mission?
     Like any "ferret in the field," Quiller knows he's obliged to take a life solely in the defense of his own. But when a fellow agent is murdered by a renegade Red Army faction, Quiller feels he owes a man a death. Quickly drawn into the center of Nemesis, he soon learns that "the ghost of Lockerbie had started walking again"--the plan is to plant a bomb aboard a U.S. commercial airliner. Infiltrating the opposition network was easy; identifying the terrorists' target is something else. Especially since Quiller senses there is more to the plan than meets the eye.

     QUILLER SOLITAIRE's players include:

  • Quiller--a man who, despite extensive training and Bureau intervention, relies heavily on instinct. He has perfected the art of reading human "vibrations" and routinely stakes his life on these subtle signs.
  • Helen Maitland--the enigmatic widow who provides Quiller's entree into Nemesis. A slight, pale woman with a quick smile that "changed her completely," she possesses an "extraordinarily seductive" innocence.
  • Dieter Klaus--the architect of Nemesis and "a cut above your usual terrorist." Agile and clever, he is a psychopath with a "dark mind" and deadly intelligence that is nothing short of inhuman.
  • Inge Stoph--a voluptuous "Venus trap" for Nemesis. Obsessed with Klaus and his power, she will do anything for the terrorist leader and thoroughly enjoy doing it.

     Quiller soon finds himself Klaus's captive, aboard a plane bound for Algeria. Moon-dropped into the Sahara and advised to "make your peace with Allah," Quiller pieces together Klaus's diabolical plan. As he plays out his hand, the agent wrests control of a flying arsenal--destination Washington, D.C. But for the first time ever, Quiller doubts his ability to successfully complete the mission.

About the Author:
Known for major novels such as The Flight of the Phoenix under his real name Elleston Trevor, this author has been named "the most successful literary double agent in the business" by Life magazine. He claimed the prestigious Edgar Award for the debut novel in the Quiller series, The Quiller Memorandum, his fifteen Quillers and other books have been translated into nineteen languages. A British citizen (and pilot, and black belt in Shotokan karate), he now makes his home in the Arizona Desert.

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