The Tango Briefing

The Tango Briefing

Jacket description...

Quiller, the super-agent from London's top-secret Bureau, is back in a new adventure that tests his professional cool to the limit. Control summons him "most urgent" from Tokyo and sends him into the Sahara, searching for a small cargo plane - call letters "Tango Victor" - that crashed in a sandstorm.
     Control didn't go into detail, but Quiller assumed the plane's cargo was deadly. He didn't have to be told that finding it was critical, either: agents from at least two other nations were racing him to the downed plane. Add the fact that cover had already been blown and two agents killed and Quiller knew that he was in a red zone the instant he set foot in Africa.
     The non-stop action includes a highspeed auto chase that becomes a war of nerves, a dead-reckoning glider flight with a pre-dawn parachute drop, and final-phase instructions that could turn the mission into a suicide pact. But keeping alive is Quiller's own problem; the Bureau's only interest is a successful operation - and the kind of man who will take an assignment precisely because it's impossible.
     Authentic locales, crackling prose and suspense that keeps building literally to the last page - Adam Hall blends these elements into a masterful novel of international espionage at its deadliest.

How it starts...

Chapter 1 - Birdseye

I came in over the pole and we were stacked up for nearly twenty minutes in a holding circuit round London before they could find us a runway and then we had to wait for a bottleneck on the ground to get itself sorted out and all we could do was stare through the windows at the downpour and that didn't help.
     Sayonara, yes, very comfortable thank you.

Hardback: 1st US Edition
Dedication: To Jane and Bernard Horsfall
Copyright: 1973, Elleston Trevor
Publisher: Doubleday & Company, Inc.
Jacket photo: George Adams
Jacket typography: Jonathan Field
ISBN: 0-385-04281-7

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