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  • Serving the Quiller community since October 1996.


  • These Quiller fans have contributed extraordinary amounts of time, knowledge and reference materials:

    Ron Rehrer
    Marilyn Wurzburger: Head, Special Collections, ASU
    Chris Holmes: Dedication
    Michael S. Wallack
    Brian Casey
    Rick Peterson
    Lisa Kolber
    Dan Hagen: Dedication
    Rick Holt, aka Iron Mouth
    Justin Gustainis
    Rob Alley
    Jan Håkan Dahlström
    Bill Muskett
    Penny Fielding
    David Miller
    Jeff Simser
    David Bunting
    Geoff Leonard
    Ruud Rozemeyer
    Steve Drake
    Peter Vdovin
    Jean-Pierre Trevor, aka SOQ
    Chris Woo
    Kazuhiko Shutoh
    Matthew R. Bradley

Last modified: Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Quiller-In-The-Q graphic was drawn by Jean-Pierre Trevor and was taken from the cover of The Kobra Manifesto.
The little Quiller icon used throughout this site was taken from a paperback release of The Quiller Memorandum.