Mansell Black
Dead on Course, 1951
Sinister Cargo, 1951
Shadow of Evil, 1953
Steps in the Dark, 1954

Trevor Burgess
Children's Books
A Spy at Monk's Court, 1949
Mystery of the Missing Book, 1950
The Racing Wraith, 1953

Trevor Dudley-Smith
Over the Wall, 1943
Double Who Double Crossed, 1944
Escape to Fear, 1948
Now Try the Morgue, 1948
Children's Books
Into the Happy Glade, 1943
By a Silver Stream, 1944

Roger Fitzalan
A Blaze of Arms, 1967 (later in the UK as by Adam Hall)

Adam Hall
The Volcanoes of San Domingo, 1963
The Berlin Memorandum, 1965 (US 1965 and UK 1967 as The Quiller Memorandum)
The 9th Directive, 1966
The Striker Portfolio, 1968
The Warsaw Document, 1971
The Tango Briefing, 1973
The Mandarin Cypher, 1975
The Kobra Manifesto, 1976
The Sinkiang Executive, 1978
The Sibling, 1979
The Scorpion Signal, 1979
The Pekin Target, 1981 (US as The Peking Target, 1982)
Northlight, 1985 (US as Quiller, 1985)
Quiller's Run, 1988
Quiller KGB, 1989
Quiller Barracuda, 1990
Quiller Bamboo, 1991
Quiller Solitaire, 1992
Quiller Meridian, 1993
Quiller Salamander, 1994
Quiller Balalaika, 1996

Howard North
Expressway, 1973

Simon Rattray
Knight Sinister, 1951 (later in the UK and US as by Adam Hall)
Queen in Danger, 1952 (later in the UK and US as by Adam Hall)
Bishop in Check, 1953 (later in the UK and US as by Adam Hall)
Dead Silence, 1954 (later in the UK and US as by Adam Hall as Pawn in Jeopardy)
Dead Circuit, 1955 (later in the UK and US as by Adam Hall as Rook's Gambit)
Dead Sequence, 1957

Warwick Scott
Image in the Dust, 1951 (later in the UK as by Elleston Trevor) (US as Cockpit, 1953)
The Domesday Story, 1952 (later in the UK as by Elleston Trevor) (US as Doomsday, 1953)
Naked Canvas, 1954 (later in the UK and US as by Elleston Trevor)

Caesar Smith
Heat Wave, 1957 (later in the UK as by Elleston Trevor)

Lesley Stone
Siren Song, 1985 (US as by Leslie Stone, 1985)
Riviera Story, 1987

Elleston Trevor
The Immortal Error, 1946
Chorus of Echoes, 1950
Redfern's Miracle, 1951
Tiger Street, 1951
A Blaze of Roses, 1952 (UK as The Fire-Raiser, 1970)
The Passion and the Pity, 1953
The Big Pick-Up, 1955
Squadron Airborne, 1955
The Killing Ground, 1956
Gale Force, 1956
The Pillars of Midnight, 1957
Dream of Death, 1958
Silhouette, 1959
The V.I.P., 1959
The Billboard Madonna, 1960
The Mind of Max Duvine, 1960
The Burning Shore, 1961 (US as The Pasang Run, 1962)
The Flight of the Phoenix, 1964
The Second Chance, 1965
Weave a Rope of Sand, 1965
The Shoot, 1966
The Freebooters, 1967
A Place for the Wicked, 1968
Bury Him Among Kings, 1970
The Paragon, 1975 (US as Night Stop, 1975)
The Theta Syndrome, 1977
Blue Jay Summer, 1977
Seven Witnesses, 1977
The Damocles Sword, 1981
The Penthouse, 1983
Deathwatch, 1984
The Sister, 1994
Flycatcher, 1994
Children's Books
Wumpus, 1945
Deep Wood, 1945
Heather Hill, 1946
More about Wumpus, 1947
The Island of the Pines, 1948
The Secret Travellers, 1948
Where's Wumpus, 1948
Badger's Beech, 1948
The Wizard of the Wood, 1948
Badger's Moon, 1949
Ant's Castle, 1949
Mole's Castle, 1951
Sweethallow Valley, 1951
Challenge of the Firebrand, 1951
Secret Arena, 1951
Forbidden Kingdom, 1955
Badger's Wood, 1958
The Crystal City, 1959
Green Glade, 1959
Squirrel's Island, 1963
The Chipmunks of Willow Wood, 1975
Stage Plays
"The Last of the Daylight," 1959
"Murder by All Means," 1960
"The Search," 1963 or earlier
"A Pinch of Purple," 1971
"A Touch of Purple," 1972
"Just Before Dawn," 1972
"Wings of Danger," based on Dead on Course, and "Woman of Straw" are listed in Gale's Contemporary Authors, but I found no supporting evidence.
Short Stories
Elleston Trevor Miscellany, 1944 (contents unknown)
"The Chicken Switch," 1965 (appeared in Science Fantasy, April 1965)
"Last Rites," 1968 (appeared in Espionage Magazine, April 1986)
Animal Life Stories: Rippleswim the Otter, Scamper-Foot the Pine Marten, Shadow the Fox, 1943-1945

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Note: The years listed above represent UK release dates for all, but a couple books. A majority of the novels were either simultaneously or subsequently released in the US; Quiller Balalaika being one of the notable exceptions.