Elleston Trevor

Elleston Trevor - from one of his books.

      "Trevor, Elleston" (Contemporary Authors).
      "Trevor, Elleston" (The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction).
      "Elleston Trevor" (The Classic Era of Crime Fiction).



      Elleston Trevor and his many pseudonyms.


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      "The Spy Who Came in From the Dojo" (Fighting Stars, Oct. 1982): By Dan Hagen.


      "Bridge Across the Years" (Arizona Magazine; The Arizona Republic, June 27, 1982): By Elleston Trevor.
      "Life Like Quiller" (February 1998/Rewritten August 2007): By Jean-Pierre Trevor.
      "He modeled 'Phoenix's' flight after his own interests" (Los Angeles Times, November 21, 2004): By Jean-Pierre Trevor.


      "The Final Chapter: A Tribute to My Father" (The Arizona Republic and Quiller Balalaika, July 1995): By Jean-Pierre Trevor.
      A Tribute to Elleston Trevor: Courtesy of Arizona State University's Special Collections department.
      News-Progress (July 26, 1995): By Dan Hagen.

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